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Here at St Jude & St Paul’s Primary School we follow a cross-curricular approach and
parents are informed of their children’s termly topics. We value the importance of Outdoor Learning in all aspects of the curriculum, through our use of educational visits.

Reading and writing are central to the school day! The vast majority of our
written work links to topic work, teachers creating meaningful reasons,
motivations and audiences for writing. Each piece of written work is carefully 
scaffold-ed through using ‘success criteria’ to guide a child and then marked
by highlighting real successes (‘pink for success’) and an area for
improvement (‘green for growth’). Alongside creative writing, children learn,
as appropriate, aspects of spelling, grammar, punctuation and phonics.

Children have Big Write every week, which is an independent writing session
covering all genres.

All children read daily in school during guided reading. During this time there
will be children reading silently, guided reading groups, children reading
ebooks on kindles; one to one reading with an adult and related group tasks.
We place a great emphasis on high quality literature for children, and staff
pride themselves in keeping up with new titles.

The school places great emphasis on speaking and listening, through
drama and with support from a speech therapist who is employed one day
a week by the school.

Mathematics is taught every day. We use the primary framework for maths,
supplemented by the Abacus Scheme. Through playing games, problem
solving, and practical investigations, maths is embedded throughout the school.

Science may be central to a topic or sit discreetly outside. Children cover a
range of early physics (e.g. forces) chemistry (e.g reversible and irreversible
change) and biology (e.g. growing plants) topics through practical work,
observation and problem solving. We place great emphasis on raising
questions, practical work and discussion to develop skills of scientific enquiry.

As well as 3 computers in every classroom, we have wireless laptops
which are used across the curriculum throughout the day .

Our aim is that all pupils understand the nature of the Christian religion
and acquire an understanding of the beliefs, practices and strengths of all
faiths, particularly those represented in our school.  We follow the London
Diocese Board for School’s scheme of work.

We have assemblies every day, sometimes as a whole school, sometimes
as a ‘Key Stage’, and sometimes as a class. This is a chance to come
together as a school community, to learn about different faiths and festivals,
to reflect on important ideas or to celebrate achievements. We cover all major
events in the Christian year in our assemblies, as well as key celebrations
for other faiths.

We emphasize the aims and values of our school and seek to promote
children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Medium Term Planning

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Year 1
Year 2

History and Geography

History and geography are both taught through the cross-curricu
lar topics.

Philosophy underpins the whole school ethos. This is done weekly in all classes. Philosophy for Children (P4C) or the 4 C’s encourages pupils to think

  • Critically
  • Caringly
  • Creatively
  • Collaboratively

P4C aspires to achieve high-quality classroom dialogue in response to children’s own questions, where children feel safe and open to the views of others. This logical thinking transfers across the curriculum and also into the playground, leading to high levels of attainment and improved behaviour.

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)
Alongside philosophy, PSHCE is embedded across the school, through circle times and topics, and St Jude & St Paul’s is happy to have Healthy Schools Enhanced Status.

We are lucky to have a specialist music teacher for 1 day a week. He leads whole school singing, creative music lessons for each class, and school choir. Parents have the opportunity to make use of our peripatetic music teacher who teaches piano once a week. Violin is also taught at the school.

Children have 2 hours of PE a week. The PE curriculum is supplemented with specialist sports teachers and coaches. Lessons cover a range of skills, including: fitness, gymnastics, ball skills, games, athletics, dance, swimming (Key Stage 2), and outdoor adventure activities.

We enter many borough inter-school sports events enthusiastically – and we do extremely well!

Art & Design Technology (DT)
Art and DT are taught by a specialist art teacher and art is cross-curricular linked to topics.

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
Spanish is taught across the whole school from Year 2, using a specialist Spanish teacher.


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