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The Church

Our school appreciates and celebrates the links it has to our local church. There is a strong historical tradition of the Church of England’s involvement in local education dating back to Victorian times. Many of the existing church schools in Islington, and more widely in London, emerged during this period from the churches desire to provide education for local children at a time when it was not the norm. This vision sprang from the Christian faith and so today the ethos and values of our school are based firmly on this foundation.

To this end school gatherings in regular assemblies unequivocally center around the experience of Christian worship. Pupils also visit the adjacent church building at major Christian festivals, notably Easter, Christmas and Harvest, to celebrate this faith. However we do recognize that parents from other faith backgrounds choose to send their children to St Jude and St Paul’s school and have the right to withdraw their although these values resonate strongly with state and other schools we believe that the teachings of Jesus and the historical Christian faith provides an added dimension which incorporates not only a strong moral framework for educating our pupils but also makes them aware that spirituality is recognized by many as an important aspect of human existence.
children from these gatherings if they so wish.

In terms of religious education the school does not proselytize but aims to educate about religion. The religious studies curriculum therefore not only incorporates teaching about Christianity but also about other major world faiths. On a practical level the local church also contributes towards the school by electing foundation governors from within the church membership to serve a term on the schools governing body. In recent times the church building has also provided “sanctuary” and a place for assemblies and other gatherings when no large space has been available on the school premises due to major building projects.

The school also contributes to the church at Harvest time when all parental donations of food and goods are given directly to the church for distribution to charities for the homeless and other needy individuals. Joint fundraising activities such as an annual BBQ also strengthen the links on a very practical level. To sum up, we see both the church and the school working together in partnership to both educate and support our local community in and around the Mild-may area.